How to use Quick view & Cart settings

The functions Add to Cart, Quick view could be enabled and freely adjusted with our app settings.

These settings only work with the new front-end lib V2  from Boost Commerce and with the default theme/ free themes from  Shopify's theme. For customized themes/themes that are not from Shopify, please contact us via for further support.

By default, our Quick View works on the Desktop view only. If you want to use it on the Mobile view,  contact us to be supported.
Go to Theme > Quick view & Cart Settings
To change the style of the Quick view and Add to cart buttons, click the Button style drop-down list to select your preferred style upon:
  • Style 1 - Icon - Vertical
  • Style 2 - Icon - Horizontal
  • Style 3 - Icon - Bottom
  • Style 4 - Icon - Text (default value)
  • Style 5 - Icon - Center
  • Style 6 - Text – Center

To display Quick view, switch on the Enable Quick view button toggle. If you want to customize this button, change the color under the Color setting section.

To display Add to cart, switch on the Enable Add to cart button toggle.

You could also customize the  Add to Cart button with the other settings:

Note: Ajax cart is not supported on the old V1 front-end lib version so please contact us for further support.  To check which version you are using, refer to this document
  • Color setting: Change the color of the button. The changes will be reflected correspondingly in the Preview section to review before saving.
  • Advanced setting with Enabled Ajax cart feature

    When this setting is disabled, after clicking the Add to cart  button on a collection, shoppers will be redirected to the product detail page if the chosen product has many variants. Or else, to the cart page if the chosen product doesn’t have any variant.

    When this Ajax cart toggle is enabled, after shoppers click on the Add to cart button, the product will be added to the cart immediately without going anywhere. Users can stay on the current page to continue shopping.
    • "Select option" button onclick: Define how to display a popup for selecting product options after clicking the Select option button.
    Type Popup (Default value) Mini Popup
    Description Show a popup that displays all product options & their image in the center of the screen (overlay the product) Display a mini popup that displays all product options & their image at the bottom of the product item
    • Cart display: Decide how the cart popup shows after clicking the Add to cart button to see the cart information.
Side cart (Default value) Popup cart None
Display a popup on the right side of the screen that displays cart information Show the main popup that displays cart information in the center of the screen (overlay the product) Not display popup, just increase the number of Cart icon based on the quantity of added products.

Watch this tutorial video to know how to use Quick View & Cart Settings: