How to create a Variants' price filter option

If your product's variants have different prices, we suggest creating a Variants’ price filter option.

The Variants’ price filter option will be based on the prices of your product's variants. While the Price filter option will be based on the minimum price of your products.

  • For example, product A has 4 different variants
    • Variant 1: $200
    • Variant 2: $250
    • Variant 3: $300
    • Variant 4: $350
The minimum price of the product is $200, this will be applied as a value on the Price filter option, however, in the Variants’ price filter option, there will be 4 different values $200, $250, $300, and $350.

Note: To create a Price filter option, which is based on the prices of your products, please refer to this article. Do not use both Price filter option and Variants' price filter option in the same collection.


From the app, select Filter, then select Manage Filter Trees.
Choose the filter tree you want to edit, then click +Add a filter option button.
In the Option type, select Variant’s price.
In the Option label box, type the name of the filter option. 
In the Option display drop-down, select your preferred display type ( List or Range).
  • Settings for a List display
    • From ... to..., Above...: Enter the price ranges
    • Do not include products' prices equal to From value: When the option is checked, variant prices that match the From value will not be included in found result.
      For example: When checked, choosing the filter option value "From $10 to $20" will return variants that are >$10 and <= $20.
  • Settings for a Range display
    • Slider range: Define the number of ranges separated in the slider
    • Slider step: Specify the size of each movement or the jump between values)
    • Delimiter: The character used as the thousand separator. E.g: 1000 and delimiter ".", we will display "1.000"; If the delimiter is ",", we will display "1,000". You can leave it empty to just display 1000.
    • Hide value text boxes setting
      The setting is enabled The setting is disabled
    • Shorten values: Enable this setting to make values look cleaner. Example: displaying 1M5 instead of 1,500,000 or 12K instead of 12,000
      The setting is enabled The setting is disabled

Save the filter option, then Save the filter tree.

By default, the currency displayed on the Variants’ price filter option is based on the Shopify store’s currency setting:

Note: The currency of filter option works well with the latest versions of our FE Lib. If it doesn't work properly on your site, please run our Theme Setup process on a duplicated theme to view the currency. Contact us if the issue still persists.