How to create a Stock Status filter option

Our app also lets you create a Stock Status filter option, which is based on your products' inventory. This gives your consumers the option to filter either just your in-stock or out-of-stock products, or both.


Hover your mouse over the Filter menu on the app, then select Manage filter trees;
Open the filter tree that you want to edit, then click the + Add filter option button;
Choose Stock Status from the Option type drop-down menu;
In the Option label text-field, enter the display name of the filter option on the front store.
Tick the box for the In Stock option if you want to filter available products only; 
Tick both boxes for the In Stock and Out of Stock options if you want to filter both available and unavailable products;

NOTE: The 'In Stock' option on the Stock Status filter option always shows products that have at least one available product variant, regardless of the selected filter option value.

In other words, if your consumer's chosen value matched a variant that is out-of-stock while the other variants are in-stock, that product will still be shown if the 'In Stockoption is selected.

Save the filter option, then Save the filter tree.