Why I cannot install the app?

Product Filter and Search provides auto-installation with one click. However, in some cases, merchants are unable to install our app after clicking the "Add app" button from the Shopify apps listing. We will dive into 2 reasons behind this issue.

Reach theme limit

Our app does not directly apply to the Live theme after installation. Instead, we will duplicate the live theme and you could see our filter on that duplicated theme named  [Boost Commerce] Live theme with filter & search. This will help you to test our features without affecting the Live theme.

As a result, when the store reaches the 20 themes limit from Shopify, our app is not allowed to create any more duplicated themes. In this case, you need to remove some unused themes and reinstall our app again.

Missing permission

You may see the blank screen when accessing our app admin or receive the message "yourstore.myshopify.com  redirected you too many times", it occurs because the store missed installation app info in our system since Shopify did not redirect to our installation page.

blank page

redirect too many times

For fixing the issue, please follow up on these steps below:
Log in to your Shopify admin of the store ( yourstore.myshopify.com)
Go to Apps (https:// yourstore.myshopify.com/admin/apps)
Copy and paste this link to the browser bar
yourstore is your real Shopify store name)