Does PFS app impact your page loading speed?

The answer is Yes, but only slightly. Currently, a request made from our server is roughly 200-300ms. To give you an idea, the average human eye blink is about 300ms-400ms, so the impact on your site loading time is very little.

It’s important to note that the page speed can be affected by many factors other than our app. However, we are and we will keep doing our best to help your site run as fast as possible.

What we have done to help increase Shopify page speed

Reorganize JavaScript, CSS files

Boost Product Filter & Search uses JavaScript for our filter and search functions, so whenever you interact with the filter tree or perform a search on the search box, the website will return the correct results.

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is also a programming language, but it works more on how elements of a website should look on the frontend of the page. We can change the appearance of the filter tree, styling the search box thanks to CSS script.

To optimize those things, we split script files into three smaller folders for both JavaScript and CSS:

  • Filter function
  • Instant search function
  • Third-party libraries

By doing so, your website will only load the folder it needs for a particular user’s behavior. Also, many separate files can be loaded at once to reduce processing time.

We’ve also improved metrics by simplifying JavaScript, including the Total Blocking Time, Speed Index, and Time To Interactive. The metrics have also been optimized by simplifying CSS, including First Content Paint and more. 

Removing unnecessary files

In addition to restructuring script folders, we also eliminate redundant files to make your website’s file size around 30% more compact. The code is simpler, meaning you have a faster script execution time.

Moreover, we've reduced the HTML complexity of the filter tree while still keeping the same look and functionality. This helps to accelerate the rendering time of the filter tree after each filter engagement.

What to do when you suspect PFS may be the cause of slow loading speed

Check your internet connection

Please be informed that the speed score is based on many factors as well as the universal average for user connection speed. It shouldn't be a problem if most of the store traffic is coming from countries with good internet speed and without using very old/slow devices. You may refer to more information about this speed concern shared by the Shopify support team at this link.

To better check the site speed, you may consider using  Lighthouse.

Optimize the media used on your site

Quality images and videos are undoubtedly an important part of good UI. However, if they have a very high resolution, they can affect how fast your site loads. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your media size and consider using a compression tool before adding them to your website.

Contact us for further support

In case you notice your site speed particularly slow down on a theme that has our app installed, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at We will investigate further and come up with possible solutions to help you go through this concern.