Impact on your online store speed

We have been constantly improving Boost AI Search & Discovery to not let the app affect your online store speed. 

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Can Boost AI Search & Discovery impact your online store speed?

There are many different factors that affect page load time. When you install apps in your Shopify store, they add code into the theme so they can run. Therefore, your online store speed can be affected to some extent by installing any app. Our app can impact your online store speed lightly and we have been improving our app constantly to keep the app’s query execution time around 40-50 milliseconds, which is ideal. 

Improve your online store speed

There are many other factors that you can control and address when there’s little doubt that Boost AI Search & Discovery can slow your online store speed.

Shopify Apps

You can disable app features you don't use, or remove the app if you don't need it by removing code that was added as part of the app install process.


When you edit or customize themes, file sizes can increase and affect your store speed. You can consult your theme developer about a theme that's optimized for performance and disable theme features that you don't use.

Liquid code 

You can hire a Shopify expert to help you find inefficient or useless code and run the Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome to identify the lines of code that are slowing down pages in your online store.

Images and videos

You can review the image optimization guide, pay attention to your media size, and consider using a compression tool before adding them to your website.


You can consider switching to system fonts. A system font is a font that is already installed on most computers and it can significantly help with your online store speed.

Troubleshooting tools

You can run your own Lighthouse report using Google PageSpeed Insights to investigate your online store's speed and view more detailed metrics for pages in your store.