Missing filter option values troubleshoot guide

It is a common request when customers reach out to support for missing filter option value. It can occur for several reasons, including your own configurations. This article will assist you to troubleshoot by yourself if it falls under one of the following scenarios.

No product has the filter option value

Product attributes are the Shopify data that can be used to create a filter option. Check your product attributes to make sure the products include the values that you need.


Products that contain values are not in the provided collections

Make sure you assign the products that contain the value to the desired collections. If not, the value will not appear in the filter option as well as the products will not show in the desired collections.

The filter option values have been merged

When using our in-app Merge value tool, all the old values will be changed into the new merge value. Hence, the old values will not show on the filter options.

For example, you have multiple variant options such as  Rose, Pink, Rouge, Strawberry, Crimson, etc., and have combined them all into one value "Rose" to reduce your Color filter option list. Those values (Rose, Pink, Rouge, Strawberry, Crimson, etc.) will not appear in the filter drop-down as they have already been merged to Rose value.

Products that contain values are in draft status

By default, our app will sync with your Shopify Data and pull through all products with  Active status and available on the Online Stores channel to display them on the storefront. Therefore, we'd appreciate it if you could double-check this information first.

Products that contain values are out of stock while using hide out-of-stock setting

If the products containing the missing filter option values are out of stock, check whether or not our in-app Stock setting is currently enabled by following the steps below. [ Visual guide]. If yes, turn it off to show sold-out items on the storefront as well as the filter option value that items have.

Out-of-stock products with the setting "Show all irrelevant values (product count = 0)" disabled

Show all irrelevant values (product count = 0) setting help to notify the customers of unavailable products/out-of-stock products. The filter option values of those products will be shown but grey-out.

Go to our app > Filter > Filter settings > Filter tab to check the status to make sure it is enabled.

Enable "Hide filter options with only one filter option value" setting

Depending on different situations, customers do not need to see filter options that have only 01 value left. For example, when checked, if the filter option Size only has 01 filter option value XL, the filter option Size will be hidden.

Go to our app >  Filter > Filter settings > Filter tab to check the status and disable it.

Missing filter option value was added in the "Excluded values"

When customers edit a filter option, they might accidentally add the value in the "Excluded values" field. If the missing filter option values are added to the field, they will not show on the filter tree.

The missing filter option value hasn't been added in the "Manual" filter option

There are some cases that customers want to manually add the values rather than display all values. However, when adding, they forgot to add the missing filter value into the "Manual" field. If yes, add those values to the field.

Products that contain the filter option value were hidden by "Product visibility"

The  product visibility feature is useful when customers want to hide certain products from the instant search, search or filter results with a specific tag. If products that contain the filter option value were added to the hidden rule, then it will not show on the front-end. As the result, the filter value will also not show.

Go to our app > Merchandising > Product Visibility and remove the rule.

Duplicated Product Options

In some cases, the filter option values are missing because of  duplicated product options; Product options like Size, Color, Material, Style, etc. There are instances that some stores unknowingly set many duplicated product options and/or options that are not English in their products. For example, Color, Colour, and Kleur.

Thus, when they create a color filter option by selecting  Colour as Option Type, only values of Colour will display, but Color and Kleur's values won't.

To rectify this matter, the product options have to be updated accordingly in the store's database and changed into one. It can be done by renaming the duplicated product options, to the one they created in the filter tree, to get only 1 product option with all the needed values.

Go to Shopify admin> Products > Select the product > Scroll down to the Options section > Click the Edit button on the right of the product option > Change the Option name > Hit Done, then Save on the upper-right of the page

The missing values do not show up due to the case-sensitive nature

By default, the Product Filter & Search app is case-sensitive. Hence, when choosing any values from the Manual values field, please double-check the product data to see if it is uppercase or lowercase.

For example, when searching for the "swimwear" product type in the manual value fields, it does not show up.


However, when searching for "Swimwear", the value is showing up.


In case your missing filter option value is not caused by one of the aforementioned scenarios, do not hesitate to reach out at  support@boostcommerce.net  for further assistance. We are more than happy to help!