How to create a Review Rating filter option

The Review Ratings can help to influence consumers' decisions and they can strengthen the company's credibility too. This is a general overview of how to integrate with any Review Rating apps and how to create a Review Rating filter option.

Step 1: How to integrate with a Review app

Make sure the review app you are using is in our supported Product Review apps listing.
    Go to your Product Filter & Search app, click the Tool menu, then select  Integration.

    Switch on the toggle of the Review Rating app

    Note: Some Review apps need to add the App key public. To get the App key public, you may contact the Review app

    Select Continue in the Integration Data Notice

Step 2: How to create a filter option by Review Rating

    Go to the Filter menu then select Manage Filter Trees
    Choose the filter tree, then select the +Add filter option
    From the Option type section, choose Review Ratings
    In the Option label, enter the display name of the filter option on the front store.
    In the Option display, decide how the Ratings will display
    • Display select values and above - Display products with ratings that match the selected value and up.
    • Display selected ratings only - Only display products that match the value of the ratings accurately.
    In the Star color, select the color of the stars that will show on your store.
    Select Save, then select Save again to save the changes in the filter tree.