How to custom Instant Search Display with no search term input

This feature allows you to configure the content of the search widget when your customer first clicks on the search box. 


Go to  Search menu > Choose  Instant search display

Go to search menu> Choose Instant search display

 Enable Instant search widget by turning on  Enable Instant search widget. Others displayed in the Instant search widget will then inherently be editable.

Enable Instant search widget

 Switch to the Search box onclick tab.

 Depending on your expectations, enable proper sections:
  • Recent searches
    • Highest number of displayed results: Decide the max results to display by selecting a number from 1 to 10.
  • Search term suggestions
    • Search term: Type the list of keywords that you want to suggest. You can drag and drop the keyword to change its displaying order.
  • Product suggestions
    • Product list: Click Add products to pick some products to showcase.

 You could also rename eachblocks in the  Label field if necessary. 

 Click  Save to apply the changes
After enabling the sections you want to see in the Search widget, this is how it will look like when there is no search keyword:

See how to use Search box onclick: