For dev - Filter Tree Component

1. Overview

Instant Search Component binds events and renders a filter tree on .boost-pfs-filter-tree on the collection/search pages

For example: You will find a div with class boost-pfs-filter-tree in sections/collection-template-boost-pfs-filter.liquid or sections/collection-template.liquid

<div class="boost-pfs-filter-tree boost-pfs-filter-tree-v">{%- include 'boost-pfs-filter-skeleton', type: 'filter-tree' -%}</div>
  • boost-pfs-filter-skeleton snippet is a placeholder while waiting for the filter tree to render

2. Settings on DOM attribute

  • Class boost-pfs-filter-tree-v will show vertical filter tree
<div class="boost-pfs-filter-tree boost-pfs-filter-tree-v"></div>
  • Class boost-pfs-filter-tree-h will show horizontal filter tree
<div class="boost-pfs-filter-tree boost-pfs-filter-tree-h"></div>
  • Attribute data-is-mobile will render the filter tree only on mobile screen
  • Attribute data-is-desktop will render the filter tree only on desktop screen
  • No attribute: will render on both mobile and desktop
<div class="boost-pfs-filter-tree boost-pfs-filter-tree-h" data-is-desktop></div>

3. Settings in javascript

You can set these settings for the product list in boost-pfs-filter.js , like so

// Override Settings
var boostPFSFilterConfig = {
  general: {
    // Settings list
    limit: boostPFSThemeConfig.custom.products_per_page
    loadProductFirst: true,
    styleScrollToTop: 'style2'

Filter display settings