How to rename a filter option value

If your products have a tag  material-Merino-Wool and you create a tag filter option with prefix material-, the value showing on the frontend will be Merino-Wool 

What if you prefer the frontend value to be  Merino Wool instead Merino-Wool? In this case, there are 2 solutions to help rename this filter option value:

Option 1 (Recommended): Update database in the Shopify store

Go to Shopify admin > Products > Update the data to the expectations. 
Take the above case as an example, you should rename the tag  material-Merino-Wool in the products into  material-Merino Wool

Then go to our Sync menu > Click the  Sync recent updates. 

Option 2: Use the Merge feature

From the app, click Tool > Choose Merge Values > Click the  Add option button

Set  Current values with your current filter option value, which means material-Merino-Wool

Set Merged value with the one you want to show on the frontend, which is material-Merino Wool


Click the Save and Save merged values buttons

Go to the Sync menu > Click the Sync recent updates

If you have a lot of filter option values to change, contact for better assistance.