How to rename a filter option value

If your products have a tag  material-Merino-Wool and you create a tag filter option with prefix material-, the value showing on the frontend will be Merino-Wool 

What if you prefer the frontend value to be  Merino Wool instead Merino-Wool? In this case, there are 2 solutions to help rename this filter option value:

Option 1 (Recommended): Update database in the Shopify store

Go to Shopify admin > Products > Update the data to the expectations. 
Take the above case as an example, you should rename the tag  material-Merino-Wool in the products into  material-Merino Wool

Then go to our Sync menu > Click the  Sync recent updates. 

Option 2: Use the Merge feature

From the app, click Filter > Choose Merge Values > Click the  + Add new merged value

Set  Current values with your current filter option value, which means material-Merino-Wool

Set Merged value with the one you want to show on the frontend, which is material-Merino Wool


Click the Save and Save merged values buttons

Go to the Sync menu > Click the Sync recent updates

Edit the filter option to add the new value.

If your filter option uses All values for Option values, you don't need to modify anything. Otherwise, if it is Manual, you need to add the new merged value to the manual values list:

Edit the filter option to add the new value
If you have a lot of filter option values to change, contact for better assistance