Search Troubleshoot

If the search does not work as expected, use an example product that is not showing correctly to check the related settings with the below steps:

Step 1. Check product

Product's status

  • Description: Only Active products with enabled "Online store" sale channel can show on the frontend
  • How to: Go to the Shopify Product admin page to make sure its status is not Draft/Archive or the Online store channel is not disabled

[Old feature] pfs hidden tags

  • Description: [Old feature] Hide products by tags pfs:hidden/ pfs:hidden:s
  • How to: Go to the Shopify Product admin page to check if the product has this old tag. If yes, remove it to let the product show.

Product Visibility

  • Description: Hide products based on a specific tag
  • How to: From Tool > Product visibility > Check if this feature has been set up. If yes, check if the product has the tag

Stock status

  • Description: Show/Hide out-of-stock products/variants
  • How to: Check if the setting is on
    1. For instant search, go to Search> Instant search display [Learn more]
    2. For the search page, go to Filter > Filter settings > Product list [Learn more]

Step 2. Check algorithm

Default algorithm

  • Description: How default Relevant search result works
  • How to: Check if product's Title/ Product Type/ Vendor/ Tag/ Product options/ SKU/ Description matches keyword.

Search fields

  • Description: Change which attributes can be searchable
  • How to: If keyword matches product's description but it's not showing, go to Search > Search setting > Turn on Description

Instant search widget

  • Description: Change blocks in the Instant search widget
  • How to: Search > Instant search display
    1. Turn on the "Enable Instant search widget" to use our instant search
    2. Turn on (Products/vendor/etc) blocks to let them show

Sort available products first

  • Description: Show all out-of-stock products at the end of the search result
  • How to: Go to Filter > Filter settings > Product list > If it's on, out-of-stock will be at the end of the page

Step 3. Check advanced rules

Product Ranking

  • Description: Change the priority of a specific product on search result
  • How to: From Merchandising > Product Ranking> Check if the product was set with a ranking

Rule-based merchandising

  • Description: Change the priority of a group of products on search result
  • How to: From Merchandising > Rule-based merchandising > Check if the product belongs to any rule


  • Description: Show results that have similar words to the search term
  • How to: Go to Search > Synonyms > Check if the product meets any synonyms

Stop words

  • Description: Stop bringing up results for specific search term(s)
  • How to: Go to Search > Stop words > Check if no search result happened because the keyword was excluded.