Manual Uninstallation (App Lib V1)

Actually, please use our "Theme Revert" feature in our admin ( as this guide) to remove our source code from your theme automatically.

If you've already uninstalled our app, please refer to the following steps to uninstall our app manually.


Go to the theme.liquid file, then find two following scripts and remove them:
{% include 'bc-sf-filter-style' %}
{% include 'bc-sf-filter' %}
Go to the main collection template  collection.liquid in the  Templates folder**,** then find if there is the code with this format {% section xxx %} (xxx is usually collection-template or static-collection or collection). Assuming that xxx is collection-template.
  • If that code is NOT there, find the file collection.bc-original.liquid (This is the original collection template file before installing our app) in the Templates folder and copy its content. Then, replace all the content of the collection.liquid file by the copied content.
  • If that code is there, find and open the collection-template.liquid file which we get in step 2 in the Sections folder. You will see our filter code in this file. In order to revert it to the origin, please find the collection-template-bc-original.liquid file, copy its content and override all content of the collection-template.liquid file with the copied content.