Why is my filter not showing?

There are many different reasons that could cause the filter not visible on a certain theme. Before concluding it comes from a technical issue, we recommend starting by using the following approaches.

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The theme you are checking does not have our app installed

This usually happens after our app being freshly installed in your store, as we do not apply our codes directly on your live theme. Instead, we duplicate it for the process and rename it to  [Boost] Live theme with filter & search 1, 2, or 3. This helps you test our features without affecting your storefront.

To preview the filter, please go to our app Product Filter & Search -> Theme -> Theme Setup -> Themes with the app's filter & search -> Click the Preview button next to [Boost] Live theme with filter & search 1 theme.

If you're happy with it and are ready to make it live, kindly publish it by following this guide: How to publish a theme having filter?.

You might have disabled the filter tree

Please help make sure your filter is enabled. It could be the Default filter tree which is supposed to show up on all collection pages by default, the Search filter tree for the search results page, or a Custom filter tree that is assigned for a/some specifics collections.

For more information about the function of each filter, check out this document: What is a Filter Tree?

When the Search filter tree and/or a Custom filter tree are turned off for whatever reason, the Default filter will take its place in the relevant pages. However, in case all filter options within the Default tree are also disabled, there will be no filter show.

You have not yet configured any filter options

This happens most often when you assign your desired collections to a Custom filter tree that does not have any filter options within it yet, as visible in the example screenshot below. In this case, there will be no filter displaying on the Shirt collection page.

The template you are using is not our default one

By default, our codes are implemented on a template titled Default collection after our app is installed, which means our filter only works properly on this one. In case you set up another one, please kindly noted that our filter will not be showing up there.

Your store is either expired trial or exceeded plan

Not all filter options can display on the frontend if your store is in one of the below cases:

  • Used up our 14 trial days but hasn't subscribed to our app. Learn more in this article: What happens after my trial?
    => Solution: Please subscribe to our app plan
  • Has subscribed to our plan but your total product exceeds the allowed products of the chosen plan. Refer to What happens when the plan exceeds?
    => Solution: Either subscribe to a higher plan or delete/archive unused products to match the current plan.
Contact us at  support@boostcommerce.net in case your issue does not fall under one of the above scenarios and we will look into it immediately.