Why the Swatches are not properly shown on the filter option?

There are some reasons why the swatches are not properly shown on the filter option:

Not all values are merged:

When you have many green values such as Dark green, Hidden green, Light green, you would like to display one Green swatch only, hence you merge all these values into the Green value. However, if you do not merge enough values that your store has ( for example: you only merge Dark green and Hidden green), the swatches will look messy like this.

color swatches

Please see detailed steps to merge values in a filter option here.

Color and tag values are not the same:

If there is a typo error when you type Browm (instead of Brown), our app is unable to let the color swatch display. That value will then have a white background in the front-end.

typo error

Please make sure that the color swatch is the same as the tag you added to your product. You could merge this value with the correct value if you would also like to let it show.