Why are some products missing from search/collection pages?

Missing product is a common request that can occur for a variety of reasons, including your own configurations. This article will assist you in walking through this issue on your own if it falls under one of the following scenarios.

The display of the most recent data is delayed due to sync wait

Normally, there could be a bit of time required to get the changes in your backend updated since our system has automatic changes check every 10 mins (Shopify stores)/ 5 mins (Shopify Plus stores). The process may not start immediately after you make changes since it has a fixed schedule.

During the process, all updates from a store are queued and processed one at a time. Each time you edit a product/collection is considered as one update. The process rate is about four updates per second. So it could be slow if there are a lot of updates (like thousands) in the queue. And syncing a collection could also be slow because we need to sync its products sort order.

In case you noticed the changes do not update, you could proactively use the “ Sync recent updates” button in the app admin to activate the sync process.

Setting to hide out-of-stock products/variants is enabled

You could simply check whether or not this is currently on by following the steps below.

From the app homepage, click the Filter menu > Filter Settings
From Display Settings switch to Product list tab. If the Hide out-of-stock products/variants setting is currently on, you will not be able to see sold-out items on the storefront. 

There are configurations in the Product Visibility tool

This feature comes in handy when you look to hide some products from the collection, search pages, and the instant search widget by using a/some specific tags of your choice. For more information on how to use it, kindly refer to How to use Product Visibility?

To make sure no tag is configured to hide your products, kindly check the Product Visibility tool by accessing the  Tool menu > Product Visibility

Considering the example in the screenshot below, all products tagged with pants will be hidden from the collection pages.

In case the configured tag A was merged from different tags A, B & C using our Merge values tool, kindly be advised that all products tagged with either A, B, or C  will be hidden.

Products are tagged with pfs:hidden

This tag was used before Product Visibility for hiding undesired items from pages, which means this might only happen to stores that started using our app before August 2020. For old users who already have the pfs:hidden & pfs:hidden:s tag configured (either in product data or via custom functions), our backend has mapped their config so these tags are shown in Product Visibility by default.

Incorrect setup when merging filter values

When grouping some values into one using our in-app Merge values tool, lacking certain input values is a common mistake that can result in missing products issues after filtering.
For example, you have multiple variant options such as Rose, Pink, Rouge, Strawberry, Crimson, etc., and would like to combine them all into one value "Rose" to reduce your Color filter option list. It might happen that you accidentally miss listing certain values (e.g. "Rose", "Crimson") or already merge these ones into another value (e.g. "Red"). In both cases, the products having the variant options "Rose" and "Crimson" will not be filtered when the merged value "Rose" is selected. 
Small reminder: By default, one value could be grouped into only one other value using our built-in Merge values tool. 

Products with Draft status and/or not available on Online Stores channel

By default, our app will sync with your Shopify Data and pull through all products with Active status and available on Online Stores channel to display them on the storefront. Therefore, we'd appreciate it if you could double-check this information first.

Multiple values are selected from the Tag filter option while the AND condition is enabled

When the AND condition is enabled, only the products that have all the selected tag values from the filter option will be displayed in the filtered result.

For example:

You have 20 products and half of them have the tag X, and the other half have the tags X and Y. 

If the AND condition is enabled, and you select the values X and Y from your tag filter option, the filtered result will only display the products that have all the selected tags, which is just half of the 20 products.

To display all the products that are tagged with either X or Y after selecting both values from your tag filter option, we highly recommend that you disable this function.

Please note that the AND condition setting is only available for tag and multi-level tag filter options. Please refer to this article for more details:  How to use the AND condition

The number of products per page is over 70

Shopify limits the number of products that can be outputted per page to 50 only. This is because loading more than 50 products per page could affect your site's performance. You may refer to this Shopify link for reference.

On the other hand, our app returns a maximum of 70 products in each API request by default. However, if the value of variable products_per_page is over 70, our API will only return 20 products for each request. Which will result in some missing products from the Search and/or Collections pages.

To avoid this issue, please make sure that the products_per_page variable's value is  70.

If you are using our Default theme, you may refer to the theme's setting for products per page here.
In case your missing data problem is not caused by one of the aforementioned scenarios, do not hesitate to reach out at support@boostcommerce.net for further assistance. We are more than happy to help.