Displaying metafields on your product item of collection/search page

In this article, we will guide you how to display a product metafields on the product item of collection/search page by using Boost "Metafields" feature.

This feature is not available for all customers yet.


Before adding metafield in the app admin, please ensure your products have metafield using a 3rd-party app or Shopify.

If you encounter problems or need more product metafields/ other metafield types added for filter and search , please  email us with the namespace and key of the metafield along with an example product having this metafield.

Step 1: Add your current metafield into Product Filter & Search app

    Go to Menu Tool > Select  Metafields.
    Select Add new (metafield). Fill in the namespace and key information of your metafield (ie.  info-StyleColor). Select Save.

 Fill in the namespace and key information of your metafield

  • The Display checkbox is always checked by default. It means metafield data has been added to all products.
  • The Search and Filter option checkboxes are not selected by default. Please enable Filter option if you wish to create a filter option by metafield or Search if the added metafield should be searchable.

Step 2: Edit the product item template

After step 1, please wait about 3 mins for syncing before moving to this step 2.

Refer to the doc: How to customize product item on collection/search page after filtering (Show the basic product information), copy and paste the content below to the product item template file, change the namespace and key to your product metafield information.