How to use Refresh button in Theme Setup page

Normally, after the theme setup process, all themes that have our app will be listed in the Themes with app's filter & search section.

However, in case of users copy PFS files from one store to another without running the theme setup process, the theme with the new files will not be added to this list because it cannot be loaded automatically. Furthermore, if an error occurs during the sync process between PFS App Admin and Shopify webhooks, the theme list will not be the most recent.

That is why we have released the Refresh button, which works for both the old and new versions of our App library and allows you to manually reload this list in the aforementioned cases.
Here is the instruction to use this feature.


    From our app homepage, go to the Theme menu. Select Theme setup.

    Under the Theme with app's filter & search section, click the Refresh button, then the list will be loaded to get all the latest themes.
There is a maximum of 20 themes, so the loading may take a few minutes. Users can use other features normally without having to wait for this process to complete.