How to create a Collection filter option

Along with product attributes, you can create a Collection filter option in order to display related collections at the same level and redirect customers to other collections. In case, you want to create a Multi-level collection filter option, please visit here.

Note: We do not support multi-select in the Collection filter option. In the front store, when you select a collection, the URL will be updated up to the selected collection.


From the app, click  Filter to choose Manage Filter Trees.
Access the filter tree you want to edit and click Add a filter option button to choose  Collection from Option type dropdown.
In the Option label box, type the name of this filter option. From the Option value drop-down list, choose All collections then the app will auto select all collections. You could exclude any collections by typing in the  Excluded values box.

Choose Manual from the Option value box and type in the M anual values box if you would like to manually add the preferable collections.

Click two  Save buttons: one on the dialog and one on the Manage filter tree page.
You can now check the Collection filter option on the front end.