How to enable View orders permission for Analytics?

Attention: Order revenue tracking only works with the new front-end lib from Boost Commerce. Please read   this document  first to know if you are using the latest version. 

By default, the Analytics report includes the Total sales generated by app metrics. However, if you cannot see the Total sales generated by app reporting total sales numbers, please check the Order revenue settings in case it has been disabled.

View orders permission for Analytics


Go to Menu Analytics > Select the Settings tab. Turn on Order revenue tracking if it's currently disabled. Select the Save settings button.
Order revenue tracking
A pop-up message will ask for your approval of the read_orders permission. Select Continue to agree providing the read_orders permission for the app to report Total sales generated metrics.

After that, data of Total sales generated by app metric will be available for report. Contrary to the previous time periods that order revenue tracking is disabled, data wasn't recorded and shown as blank without data point on sales analytics charts.  

The granted View orders permission is read only, so we don't store any of your information
Total sales generated by app

Here is our app's permission you agreed upon installing our app:

Product Filter and Search permission

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