Troubleshooting and customization for metafield filter option

Below are steps to fix issues about the metafield filter option and customization.


1. Metafield is not listed as a filter option

Metafield is not listed as a filter option

The Metafield filter option has no settings when selected, there's a high chance:

  • Your metafields have not been added to the Metafield page
  • The Metafield information is incorrect.

Please go to  Menu Tools, select Metafields > Add the correct Metafield information with the filter option checkbox selected.

2. When you see the error message "Incorrect information or metafield not found in products"

You added metafield but it did not index because of invalid information. It will show a notification to inform you which metafield is invalid. The metafield itself will have a badge  invalid next to it.

The metafield itself will have a badge invalid next to it.

This could be because:

  • There are typos in the metafield namespace or key of the metafield you've added to the Metafield page. Please check the entered information again to make sure it's right.
  • The products with the metafield you've added have been completely deleted.

Please re-check the metafield information in your product data. Edit the metafield > Save again > Wait for the process to finish.

3. When you see the error message "Metafield type not supported or values exceeded 128 characters"

  • Check the metafield format:
    • We only support single custom metafields and metafield added for certain app integration. Please check if your metafield type is supported or contact to check.
  • Check the Applies to boxes:
    • Only the box Display and Search allows the use of metafield with 128 characters or more. If your metafield is checking the Filter option box, please uncheck them. 


You can add up to 5 metafields. If you need more product metafields or other metafield types added, please contact us at for more information.