Troubleshooting and customization for metafield filter option

Below are steps to fix issues about the metafield filter option and customization.


1. Metafield is not listed as a filter option

The Metafield filter option has no settings when selected, there's a high chance:

  • Your metafields have not been added to the Metafield page
  • The Metafield information is incorrect.

Please go to  Menu Tools, select Metafields > Add the correct Metafield information with the filter option checkbox selected.

2. Invalid Metafield information

You added metafield but it did not index because of invalid information. It will show a notification to inform you which metafield is invalid. The metafield itself will have a badge invalid next to it.

Please re-check the metafield information in your product data. Edit the metafield > Save again > Wait for the process finish.


You can add up to 5 metafields. If you need more product metafields or other metafield types added, please contact us at

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