How to add suggestions for search terms returns no results?

This feature is not available for all customers yet.

When your customer search for keywords returns no products, use the feature No search result suggestions to provide them other alternatives. This helps your customers discover other results of your choice, increasing the chance of them browsing and buying from your store. 


Go to Menu Search > Instant Search widget display > Toggle  Enable Instant search widget switch if it's not turned on > Select "No search result suggestions" tab.

By default, the search term & product suggestions are turned off. Click the switch to enable them.
In Enable the search term suggestion s, edit the Label of the search term categories in the instant search widgets & add more suggestions to the search term list. You can add up to 10 search terms > Save settings.

In the Enable product suggestions, edit the Label for the product suggestion categories in the instant search widget. Select the button + Add products and search or select products from the list. When done, select the button Add products.

Select Save settings to save all changes. The result will show as below:

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