How to create range sliders from metafields, product options, or tags?

Besides creating range slider from Price and Variant Price, please use the Custom range sliders feature if you would like to create custom range sliders from product metafields, product options, or tag values, whose values are numeral.


Stage 1. Define the data type for the custom range slider you want to create from:

Go to Menu Tools > Select Custom range slider
Click the  + Add new button and choose from the Product attributes drop-down list which data to be used for creating a custom range slider. It could be:
  • Tag
  • Product options (such as option color, option size, option material, etc.)
  • Metafield: Please add the product metafield you would like to create Custom range slider for in the Metafield page (Menu Tools ⇒ Metafields) in advance. See how to add metafields.
Under  Option values, select:
  • All values to create a custom range sliders from all the available value. 
  • Manual to pick out only the values you want to show on the Custom range slider. 

Optional: If the Product attributes is tag, prefix can be usable.

You can create up to 12 custom range sliders. If you would like more, please contact us at

Stage 2. Create the custom range sliders filter option

Go to the Filter main menu > Manage filter trees > In the preferred filter tree, click Add filter option button > Choose the Custom range slider you created in Step 1:
Without adding custom range sliders in the Custom range sliders page of Step 1, the option type for Custom range sliders will not show when creating filter option.
Under Option label, name your custom range slider filter option
Modify the Slider range (the number of range on the slider), Slider step (the gap of each range) and Delimiter.
Save > Save.
We currently support creating custom range sliders from product options, tags (with prefixes), and product metafields of which the values are entirely  numeral. If your value has both letters & numbers or if you have other special request please contact us at support
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