How to create a multi-level tags filter option

This feature is not available for all customers yet.

When you need multiple levels of Tag filter options listed under one another, create them with the Multi-level tags Option type. All levels of this multi-level filter options are tags data. 

 multi-level tags filter option?



Add a new Filter option and in the Option Type, select Multi-level tags

 multi-level tags filter option?

Choose the preferable tags that you would like to display in the filter tree. There are 3 levels of tags (Level 1, 2, and 3) that can be added.
  • Scroll down and select the +Add new item to... to add another level to the current level.
  • Rename the filter option labels to display them on your stores if needed.
  • Drag and drop a Multi-level tags item to re-arrange its order of display on the frontend store.

 multi-level tags filter option?

Click Save.
Note: By default, the tags at all levels are not correlated. In case, you prefer to set a connection between them, please email us at