Change your plan

You might want to change your plan when your store has more or fewer products that the current plan no longer fits your business’s needs. You also should change your plan to a higher one when Product Filter & Search detects that the total number of your products exceeds how many your current plan allows.

It is important to note that your plan is never automatically upgraded or downgraded. We will let you know when we think you should upgrade to a higher plan and let you change your plan manually.


When you have redeemed a coupon (including the BFCM coupon) to apply a discount to your plan, it is worth noting that your plan will be automatically renewed and you will be billed at its standard renewal price after the coupon expires.

To change your plan:

  • From the homepage of Product Filter & Search, click Select Plan.
  • Select a plan that fits the total number of products in your Shopify store. You can select a higher plan if your business will expand in the near future.
  • Click Choose this plan and you have successfully changed your plan.