How to use Rule-based Merchandising

Rule-based Merchandising helps to manage product promotions on the search result page based on how you set up conditions to target specific groups of products. You can create rules to prioritize products on search results with specific attribute values.

For example, you have bikinis products that are two-piece and one-piece, and you want your customers to see the one-piece bikinis first when they search for bikinis. 


    Go to the Premium Menu > Choose Rule-based  Merchandising
    Choose +Add new 
    Enter Rule information, including:

    • Rule name: any names you can easily remember
    • Collections: assign the collections for which this rule will be applied (Skip this field if you want to apply all products meet the conditions)
    • Ranking: Choose High, Medium, or Low. If it sets as a high ranking, this rule will be more prioritized than others in search results. If it sets as a low ranking, the rule will be less prioritized than others in search results.

    Enter rule conditions
    • Choose conditions correlations:
      • All conditions: Products must match all conditions to be counted in this rule.
      • Any conditions: Products meet at least one condition to be counted in this rule.
    • Select a Product attribute, its conductor & values.
    • To add new conditions, choose +Add new condition
    • To remove a condition, choose the delete icon at end of a condition.

    When it is done, choose Save. We now have the bikinis that are one-piece prioritized over other products in the collection.


Here are examples of how the Rule-based merchandising feature works.

High ranking

Medium ranking

Low ranking

  • Besides the merchandising settings, the ranking orders of products also depend on the relevance of the searched keywords. Therefore, a search for different keywords that contains the same merchandising product group might have different search result orders.
  • Set the priorities for your merchandising rules by dragging and dropping each rule in your preferred orders. In case more than 1 rule affects the same products, the ranking of those products is the ranking of the rule that's on top of other rules.
  • A product assigned with both Product ranking (single product promotion) and Rule-based merchandising (group products promotion) priorities, then it will follow the priority of Product ranking.
    See how to modify the ranking of a single product in search results.

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