How to use Product Ranking

The feature Product ranking is especially useful to configure the ranking of a single product in your customers' search result on the Search result page. We currently support 5 types of ranking, including: No ranking, Always prioritized, Matched search, Keyword search and At the bottom.


    Go to Merchandising menu > Choose Product Ranking.
    To search for the product and modify its ranking, type the product title or product ID into the search box. Press Enter.

    Choose a ranking option:

    • No ranking (default): the product is shown as it is, ranking unaffected.
    • Always prioritized: the product is always pinned at the top of a search result no matter what your customers search for.
    • Matched search: the product will be listed at the top of a search result if it's one of the results.
    • Keyword search: the product will be listed at the top of search results if the assigned keyword(s) is searched for.
      • User enter keywords into the keyword box, separated by comma
    • At the Bottom: the product will be listed at the bottom of a search result if it's one of the results.
    Choose the effective date range for this product ranking settings.

    Date range options include:

    • Today
    • Tomorrow
    • Next week: from next week Monday to next week Sunday
    • Next month: from the beginning to the end of next month.
    • Custom range: Choose the starting and ending date.

    If not set, this date range will have no time limit and be effective forever. Click Save ranking.

    To see the already configured product with ranking, click on Ranking to sort in the following order and vice versa. Click arrow buttons to move between pages.

    In product promotion, a product assigned with both Product ranking (single product promotion) and Rule-based merchandising (group products promotion) priority will follow the priority of Product ranking.
    See how to modify the ranking of a group of products based on their product attributes.

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