How to create Color filter option

After installation, our app will automatically create 3 filter options (Product Type, Price, Vendor), you could totally manually create the Color filter option based on Product option or Product tag within a few steps.


From the app, click Filter to choose  Manage Filter Trees.
Access the filter tree you want to edit and click  Add a filter option button to choose Color from  Option type dropdown.
You can't find Color on the list if you don't have product option Color. Please check out this article to create a color filter option by tags instead.
In the  Option label box, type the name of this filter option. From the  Option display drop-down list, choose display type among Box, List, and Swatch.
If you chose the Swatch option, please also refer to this article for further instruction how to add swatch images.
Allow single-choice or multiple-choice from  Option Select and allow showing all values or manually choosing some specific values from  Option values.
Click the 2  Save buttons.

If you prefer to create Color filter option based on metafield, kindly refer to this article for the instruction.
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