Wishlist @ $2 Integration Guide

Wishlist @ $2 supports you to add favorite products as well as email or share their wishlist with friends. Here is our guide for integration between Wishlist @ $2 and Boost Product Filter & Search.

About Wishlist @ $2

App Information

Wishlist @ $2 Integration Benefit

  • Allow customers to filter products and add products to their Wishlist.

Demo for Wishlist @ $2 Integration with Boost

We have not yet received any request to integrate with Wishlist @ $2.


Attention: The current document only works with the new front-end lib from Boost Commerce. Please read this document first to know if you are using the latest version.
Edit your current theme.
Copy the following code snippet:

'{{itemWishlist}}' + // For bc-sf-filter.js or boost-pfs-filter.js
[[itemWishlist]] // for bc-sf-filter-html.liquid or boost-pfs-filter-html.liquid
Go to the boost-pfs-filter.js file, then find productGridItemHtml and paste the snippet to where you want the Wishlist to appear, for example, under the product thumbnail:
Wishlist @ $2 integration with Boost

If the  productGridItemHtml variable does not exist, please check the file boost-pfs-filter-html.liquid

Demo for Wishlist @ $2 integration with Boost 1

Copy the following code snippet:
// Add wishlist
var itemWishListHtml = '<a class="iWishAddColl iwishcheck" data-variant="' + firstVariant.id + '" data-product="{{itemId}}" data-ptitle="{{itemTitle}}">Add to Wishlist</a>';
itemHtml = itemHtml.replace(/{{itemWishlist}}/g, itemWishListHtml);

Then find the ProductGridItem.prototype.compileTemplate function and paste the script before "Add main attribute" comment:

Demo for Wishlist @ $2 integration with Boost 3

In the Filter.prototype.afterRender function, copy and paste this code snippet at the end:
jQ(".iWishAddColl.iwishcheck").on('click', function (e) {
        var iWishvId = jQ(this).attr("data-variant");
        iwish_addCollection(jQ(this), iWishvId);
        return false;