DECO Product Labels & Badges

DECO Product Labels & Badges  adds labels based on predefined rules. You can create Labels for individual products, all products in a Collection, Out stock products, On Sale products, New products or mix these rules together. Here is our guide for integration between DECO Product Labels & Badges and Boost Product Filter & Search.

About DECO Product Labels & Badges

App Information

  • DECO Product Labels & Badges allows you to add visually-appealing labels to product images and display them on both product and collection pages. 
  • App details:

DECO Product Labels & Badges  Integration Benefit

  • Shoppers can see Labels/Badges in the product item when finding their desired products.

Demo for Product Labels Integration with Boost

We have not yet received any request to integrate with DECO Product Labels & Badges. However, it should be exactly like in the screenshot.

Product Labels Integration


Attention: The current document only works with the new front-end lib from Boost Commerce. Please read this document first to know if you are using the latest version.
Edit your current theme.
Go to the boost-pfs-filter.js file.
Add the following script to the ProductList.prototype.afterRender function.
// Integrate Product Labels 
if (typeof SECOMAPP !== "undefined" && typeof !== "undefined") {;