Guide to Uninstallation

This article will instruct you steps to uninstall the Product Filter & Search app safely to avoid any error pop-up when browsing the collection page. There are two scenarios:

Scenario 1 [Always recommended]: You run our Theme Revert before deleting our app

Before deleting our app, we suggest you run our Theme Revert process to revert our code. Please follow these steps:

From our app-admin page, click  Theme > select  Theme Revert
Select the theme(s) you would like to remove the filter > click on Revert Theme > click  Yes, revert anyway

Select the theme(s) you would like to remove the filter > click on Revert Theme > click  Yes, revert anyway

Publish a theme that does not contain our app's code. For the publish instruction, please click here.
Delete our app completely

Delete our app completely

Scenario 2: You mistook deleting our app without running our Theme Revert

In case, you have already uninstalled our app without running our Theme Revert and you do not want to re-install it back, please kindly refer to our Manual Uninstallation to manually remove our code.

If you find it difficult to uninstall it manually, please feel free to let us know via We will send a collaborator account request and remove the code for you. After the work is done, you could delete our collaborator account.

If our app was manually installed, the automatic  Theme Revert process cannot help remove our code. In such case, you could manually remove them with  Manual Uninstallation guide before deleting the app from your app listing. After that, the theme will be back to the moment before our app's installation. Any product item customization made after installing our app will not be saved, you could manually implement them back on the reverted theme.