Subscription Plan

This article covers common billing and payment questions.

Plan price frame

Our monthly app price is based on your total products. Here is our standard price frame:

If your store is having more than 50,000 products, please email us for the quote.

What exactly counts as a product

Our app counts all products in your Shopify inventory (from all sales channels, visible, invisible, in stock and out of stock). Basically, we store and sync all products in our database to make sure that we don't miss anything when you update a product, set it visible or publish the product to the online store channel.

We do not count variant or SKU. If a product comes in three size variants (small, medium, large), we count it as 01 product.

When you log in to your Shopify admin page, you could easily check how many products you have from the Shopify link below: 


( yourstore is your real Shopify store name)

How to subscribe

To subscribe to a paid plan for official usage, you can access our app homepage > Click on the Select plan button:

Then, select a proper plan that suits your total products > Hit the Choose this plan button.

Otherwise, you may subscribe via the link below: 


( yourstore is your real Shopify store name)

Note: The app will be automatically disabled after the trial runs out so please subscribe before that time.

What happens when the plan exceeds

Our app automatically checks constantly your total product. In case, we detect that it exceeds the current plan, we will send notification emails to the store owner and also have a pop-up notification on top of the app admin when the first reminder email is sent.

Here is an example of the pop-up note:

Within seven days, please subscribe to a higher plan to continue using the app. You can also delete unused products and sync your store again to match your current plan. If there is no adjustment taken within 7 days, we have to stop syncing your products. Our team will manually re-activate it after you let us know the adjustment is completed.

Please note that the notification emails will be sent to the store owner’s mailbox.
( Click here for instructions to change the registered email address)

Common questions

1. How can I change my current plan?

You may follow our subscription guide to select a new plan directly from our app homepage.

2. I don't want to use the app anymore. Can I have a refund?

We are sorry that we don’t offer a refund. You have a 14-day trial to evaluate our app before making any subscriptions.

3. Do you offer an annual subscription or a one-time payment?

No, we haven't supported that yet. Currently, we are supporting monthly payment only and Shopify is the one who in charge of the payment process, not us.

4. Will I lose all the current settings if I forget to subscribe after the trial?

No, you won't. Right after you subscribed successfully, our app will be working smoothly back.

5. Can the plan exclude the zero-quantity products/not online products?

We are afraid not. Because even though those products are not available online products, we still need to dedicate resources to store, sync, and process all product data in your inventory. Hence, you should either delete these unnecessary products or upgrade to a higher plan.

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