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Where are the filters built from?

Our app creates the filter option based on product attributes (Size, Color, Tags, Vendor, Price, etc.) so please make sure these attributes are available.

An example of attributes on a product:

Why I don't see the filters in my store after installing your app?

After installing the app, a Standard filter is automatically set up to a duplicated theme: [BoostCommerce] Live theme with filter & search 1.

To preview the filter, please go to our app Product Filter & Search > Theme Setup > Themes with the app's filter & search > Click Preview button next to [BoostCommerce] Live theme with filter & search 1 theme

If the issue persists, please contact us at for further support.

Why I don't have the Color or Size filter option?

The app needs to sync with Shopify data and uses it to set conditions for creating filter options. The filter options are created based on product attributes (Size, Color, Tags, Vendor, etc.) so please make sure these attributes are available.

After the installation, there will be only a default filter tree which is created automatically with 3 filter options: Vendor, Product Type, and Price.

If you want more filter options, such as Color or Size, you can Create new filter options or Create by Tag.

Why the filters are not working after I change my Shopify theme?

You have to install the Filter into your new Theme. You can either contact our support team at or run Theme Setup process in the app admin page to install the filter to the new theme.

Can I have different filters on different collections?

Yes, you can. You could follow the instruction here to create a filter tree for each collection.

Which condition of filter option (AND or OR) does your app support?

We support both single (OR) and multiple (AND) filtering condition and you can easily set your desired filtering condition to each filter option.

What's the filter trees limit of your app?

We don’t limit the number of filter trees in your store.

What’s the limit on filter options per filter tree?

We don’t limit the number of filter options included in a specific filter tree.

Can I import/export filter trees?

  • Import filter trees: Currently, we haven't supported this feature yet.
  • Export filter trees: We haven't supported exporting filter but we can help you to transfer filter from one store to another; feel free to email us if you are interested.
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