Installation and theme FAQs

Find answers to some common questions about Installation and Theme.

Why does our site look differently or miss some elements after installing your app?

There are three possible reasons:

1. Your store has other third-party apps installed.

To solve this case, check our current supported apps and follow the steps to integrate them with our app.

2. Your theme is not supported (yet).

Currently, we support most-installed themes in the Shopify theme store, and that we can keep its default layout (click here for our supported theme list). If your theme isn't on our supported theme list, we will set up our default layout (view demo) to your store during the installation process.

There are two workarounds to keep your current theme’s layout:

If you would like us to do this manual work, please email us for a quote.

3. Your theme was customized before installing our app.

Our app basically detects what theme you are using when installing the filter. Then, the app will install an original version of that theme if your theme is in our library.

In this case, you could either follow this guide to customize the display of product items to match your theme’s styling and to add custom functionality (theme function like QuickView, wishlist, or other apps' integration) or manually install our app on that customized theme with this instruction.

We also support to do this work with a customization fee. If you are interested, please email us for more details.

4. We miss new updates from the Theme Maker.

If your case does not match with the above 3 reasons, then it could fall into this one, just please email us so we can help check it further.

How many themes does your app support?

We support most-installed themes in the Shopify theme store. We also have a Supported Theme list that is updated regularly.

Can your app display more than 70 products per page?

We don't allow more than 70 products per page because it's not good for the page performance or user experience (Shopify limits up to 50 products per page, please refer here). 

You can switch to the Infinite loading pagination type from our setting page: How to update Pagination type

I have set up your app correctly on an unpublished theme. How do we get it over to the LIVE theme?

There are two options that you can follow:

1. Publish the unpublished theme that is correctly set up by following this instruction.

2. The filter tree settings and filter trees are all shared between themes. So you just need to run the Theme Setup process to apply the filter to your live theme. We recommend to review it carefully.

Can I move all filters from a store to another store?

Yes, it is possible. But please be informed that if you have any filter tree in your target site, it will be overwritten. Email us when this request should proceed.

How to transfer both the filter and the entire theme file to another store?

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Install our app from the Shopify app listing into the new site.
  2. Download the theme file from the current site [ Instruction]
  3. Upload the theme file to the new site. [ Instruction]
  4. Contact us to transfer filter trees from the current site to the new one.

Please be advised that we do not have the authorization to download/upload theme files so please help handle it by yourself. Let us know if there is any hiccup.

Which browsers are compatible with Product Filter & Search app?

Shopify apps are mostly supported compatibility with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, so does Product Filter & Search app. We strongly recommend you use the mentioned web browsers to avoid any unexpected error.

What to prepare before installing our app?

Before setting up our app, we recommend you prepare the needed attributes that can later be used to create filter options. This work is solely about your database so it might take some time.

We are using another filter app. Should we delete it before switching over to our app?

Yes, it would be great if you remove the old filter app before installing our app to avoid any unexpected conflicts

Will the app work well after I reinstall it? 

If you uninstalled our app in the past and now you reinstall it, your previous settings in our app will be all restored. In case there are updates about your theme or about our app during the time your store is offline that causes small glitches, our team is willing to assist you. Kindly email us at

How to enable Recently Viewed and Most Popular Products?

If you are using our old front-end lib, you could self-get them enabled with this guide. Otherwise, kindly email us at to be supported.