How to exclude products from the Search results/ Filtered results

This feature cannot be used after 26 Aug 2020. To exclude products, please refer to the more advanced feature named  Product Visibility instead.

Hiding some specific products from the search results or the filtered results is possible. You just need to add our special tag on those products:

  • Use tag pfs:hidden to hide products from the result of the Instant Search, Search result page and also the Filtered result in the Collection pages
  • Use tag pfs:hidden:s to hide products from the Instant Search and the Search result page only.
Note Please be advised these hidden tags will not work with the first load. The first load is considered as the process of loading product data directly from Shopify and Shopify does not support hide specific products by tags.


Add tag to product
Edit a product that you would like to exclude > In the "Tags" section, add tag  pfs:hidden or pfs:hidden:s depend on your demand > Save the product.

Sync data

Go to the Homepage of our app and run Sync process to update your change.