How to use Redirect

The Redirect feature comes in handy when you need to take your customers from searching a keyword to another page that is not the keyword's search result page.

For example, take them to your FAQ page when they type in the words: shipping, opening hours, return policy, etc. You can also use this to bring them to a collection or product page that has a more relevant search result and better serves your business goals


Go to Search menu ⇒ Choose Redirects.

Click +Add new to add more redirects to your search.


In the Search terms box, add the keywords (separated by comma) that your customers might use on your store; put the link where you want to take them to in Redirect to when they search for the entered keywords.

Click Save redirects

When you are done, a saved redirect will work upon entering the search term and press Enter or click the Search magnifying glass icon:


In case you configure one search term for both Redirect and Synonyms features, the Redirect rule will be prioritized.

Tutorial video

Watch the tutorial to see how to use the Redirect feature: