How to update blocks in Instant Search widget?

There are 4 types of Instant search widget displays, including Popular suggestions, Collections, Products, Pages.

This tutorial helps you to update the display number of each block in the Instant Search result or change the order of some blocks.


Go to Search Menu > Choose Instant search display

 Enable Instant search widget by turning on Enable Instant search widget. Others displayed in the Instant search widget will then inherently be editable.

Drag and drop the Instant search widget display types to re-organize their orders in the widget

Turn on/off any of the Instant search widget display types to enable/disable it in the widget. For example, if you disable the Products content type, no product will be shown in the Instant search widget.

Choose how many instant search results you want per content type, from 1 to 10 each. > Click Save settings.

The "Pages" section in the Instant Search will show both Pages and Blog posts result. However, by default, it can search the blog/page titles only (not the blog/page content). In case you prefer it to search blog/page content as well, please  email us, we will enable it.

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