How to change the orders of popular suggestions using Suggestion dictionary

In our Instant Search widget, there is a section called "Popular Suggestions", which suggests the most popular search terms of a store. As of this writing, the suggestion terms are built by an analysis process, which generates common terms found in product titles.

The store owner can change the priority orders of the popular suggestions of a search term using the Suggestion dictionary.

For example, with the search term hat, by default the popular suggestions follow the below order:

  1. women hat
  2. cotton hat
  3. plastic hat
  4. classic hat
  5. s hat

Here are steps to prioritize selling women hat and put classic hat on top, while hiding/setting a lower priority for women hat:

Go to Search menu > Choose Suggestion dictionary > Choose +Add new.

Add classic hat and set its priority to High. Add women hat and set its priority to low > Click Save suggestions. It will take less than a minute before the updated suggestions dictionary is applicable.

NoteWith our Analytics feature, you could provide better suggestion terms based on the search terms from customers on the store. One note is, the most popular search terms only suggest the search terms which are more than or equal to two words.

Watch the tutorial to see how to use the Suggestion dictionary feature: