What is the Algorithm of our Search?

Our Search engine analyses the information and returns the products/collections/pages/blog posts that match mostly with the entered-search terms.

The search result mainly depends on the Field area and the Minimum percentage a search term must match.

Search field

Our search engine looks for matched products in the fields: Product Title, Product Type, Vendor, Tag, Product options, SKU, and Description. By default, we turn off the Description.

You could disable a specific search field or change these fields' priorities into your preferred priority order. Here is the usage of this in-app setting: How to use Search fields?

Minimum percentage a search term must match 

The default and recommended minimum percentage a search term must match is 100% for those that are 2-word and 85% for those that are 3-word and above.

You could modify the Minimum must match by using the in-app "Advanced settings" setting. Click here for the instruction.

  • We support typo tolerance in Product Title, Product Type, Vendor.
  • Blog & pages can be searched by their Titles only. Contact us if you need their contents searchable as well.
  • We support hiding a/some specific collections/blogs/pages on the Instant Search. Contact us to be assisted.
  • In order to modify your search result, please also check out the following search features power-ups: Product rankingRule-based merchandising and other search advanced features. If you want other special customizations, contact us at support@boostcommerce.net