How to create custom filter options by Tag

With Boost, you can create filter options by Vendor, Product Type, Product Option, and Price, which generates from your product's attributes. What if you need to filter by custom criteria? The best way is to use Tag! We recommend using it with a prefix.
For example, if you sell sneakers and you need to filter by Performance (Hiking, Running, Training, etc.), you cannot create these data as option values like Color and Size. By using tags, you can create the specific Performance filters as below:

Customer Filter option by Tag


Add tags with a prefix to your products
For instance, let's choose the prefix " performance" . You add a tag " performance:Hiking" to a specific product. You can add many tags with the same prefix to one product to match your needs.

Custom filter option by Tag_Step 1

Create a filter option with tag and prefix
  • In the Manage Filter Trees page, choose the filter tree & create a filter option with Tag as the Option type.

  • Select Using prefix and enter the prefix. 

    The text in the prefix field will remove when displaying it in the front store. You can also select  All values or Manual values and arrange them in your preferred orders.

Small tip: We support searching with the regex pattern. It can help to search the right terms if the data is too big or almost similar. For example, when you manually add tags, you could search the tags that end with "ing" (input ing$) or start with "be" (input ^be

Please don't use prefixes with special characters such as ' or " . If you need more help please let us know at 

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