What is Filter Option?


The filter options are in a filter tree. Each filter option has filter option values.

The filter option is created based on the Shopify data of each customer's store. There are two types of filter options: the one picks up data generated from your product attributes and the one takes data from metafield.

If more than one filter option is added, then only the products that match all of the conditions will be shown.


Each filter option has four following settings:

  • Option type: collection, price, tag, product option like (size, color, etc.), vendor, product type, percent sale, stock status, review rating (from meta field of a third-party app), and metafield.
  • Option display: list, rating, box, swatch, rating, same-level collection, sub-category collection, and range slider (display was defined by Slider ranger, Slider step, and Delimiter.)
  • Option select: Multiple or Single, which is enabled to select one or lots of values at the same time.
  • Option values: Manual or All values, which allows you to choose some specific or all filter option values and rearrange their display's order.

Below is the list of Filter Options in details:

For Custom Range Slider Type: please refer to How to create range sliders from metafields, product options, or tags?
For Filtering by metafield concern, please refer to this link.

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