What is a Filter Tree?


A filter tree is a tree that contains all filter options. A functional filter tree should be able to present all the values for users to scan and select. Users point to the filter tree to indicate their selections; as for the outcome, they will get the products that match their preferences.

A filter tree can be implemented on: collection pages, search result pages, and sometimes home pages.

Filter Tree Groups

Standard filter trees

The standard filter tree group consists of Default filter and Search filter tree.

  • Default filter displays on all Collection pages by default. You can Edit, Clone this filter tree, but you cannot Disable or Delete it. When you create a Custom filter tree and apply it to a specific collection, this Custom filter tree will replace the Default filter.
  • Search filter tree displays on the Search result page. You can Edit, Clone, Enable or Disable this filter tree by toggling the Status button, but you cannot Delete it. When you disable this filter tree, the Default filter will show on the Search Result Page as a replacement.

Custom filter trees

To have a different Filter Tree for a specific Collection page, merchants need to create a Custom filter tree for that collection. Refer to this article for the detailed steps.

You can Edit, Clone, Delete, Enable, or Disable a Custom filter tree by clicking the corresponding Status button. When you delete or disable a Custom filter tree, the Default filter will display on the collection as a replacement.

Filter Layout

There are 02 filter layouts: vertical and horizontal.

Filter Tree Customization

If you have any customization request on the filter tree placement or design, please email us your design/mock-up. We will check the possibility for you and send you the quote.

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